About Me


I’ve spent half my life in Hong Kong, and another half in Australia and the UK respectively | I only say “sixth” and “Sydney” with an Australian accent | I have vivid dreams almost every night, and I dream in colour | My bad habit is procrastination | I love sunshine, and I hate spiders | I’m very particular about my madeleines | If you lived in the room next to mine you’d hear me trip over things and yelp in pain at least once a day | I send postcards home from every place I’ve been so I can keep track of my travels | Sometimes repeating words three times is a necessity, like “fish taco” and “bubbly” | I enjoy good company, good food, and a good laugh.

My Relationship Is Edible incorporates my experiences surrounding food, family and friends. This all started in my third year of university in London, when I finally decided to document shared meals and recipes my flatmates and I came across, or experimented with. Since then, through countless discoveries and being inspired, it’s evolved into a collection of thoughts and creations stemming from eateries I go, cities I’ve travelled to, and memories which edibles evoke.


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