Tea Advent


I can feel the seconds of the minimal amount of sleep I can afford every day slipping away but this has dragged on for a week too long and if before I know it Advent will be over even before I manage to drink any tea at all..


I have so much tea at home that I might as well have been spending more time buying tea than drinking it. Similarly I also spend more time thinking and not actually doing, or have the time to do. When Advent rolled around last weekend I rummaged around all the  cupboards and managed to come up with a variety of 20 odd different teas, ranging from tea bags to loose tea leaves, black to white. And as if I had all the time in the world, I packaged them all into 24 tags and gave myself my own Advent present.


Treasuring the countable minutes spent outside of a glass room and a desk more than ever…and grateful for the advice and encouragement of people who have heard out my animated commentaries…

Wake, commute, work, taxi ride, shower, sleep, repeat. at least 12-13 hours of my life per day can be broken down into 6 minute intervals on time sheets. And constantly reminding myself that this is perceived normal.

EQ training and facing unreasonableness with reason. Knowing when to step away in time to avoid a breaking point.


Reaching out for that spark of light at the end of the tunnel, praying that it isn’t just the headlights of an oncoming train.

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