Cereal Bowls

The thing with Alpen. How many people like Alpen muesli? More importantly, is there anyone else who just loves those raisins in Alpen Muesli? My breakfast ritual could go – biteofcereal, biteofcereal, RAISIN!!!!!, biteofcereal. Why then, you may ask, not add in more raisins if I like them so much? But noooo, it’s Alpen raisins, not any other type of raisin, that cause clouds to clear and add a spring in my step. I promise I am not a nutcase. (In my defence I know at least one more person who shares this Alpen-raisin-enthusiasm.)


I may have been living under a rock, but it was quite far on that I discovered you can buy papayas in the UK. Granted, they’re not the size of my head, which is the case back at home, but they’re perfect for an alternative cereal bowl! I don’t think I even came up with this on purpose (like I’m that artsy-fartsy – ha!), it was more of for convenience’s sake – inhale my five-a-day + carbs + RAISINS! and get out of the door in five minutes…although there were a couple of occasions where eagerness to scrape off every single bit of orange flesh from the green and yellow speckled skin caused punctures and more cleaning up than originally intended. Anyway, hereby presenting…


Papaya Pontoons…(Or just I’m-too-lazy-to-wash-a-cereal-bowl)
Prep time: 5 minutes

1 papaya
cereal / muesli*
splash of milk
Greek yoghurt (or any flavour really!)

1.   Wash and halve the papaya, then scraping the seeds out with the spoon you would eat your cereal with.
2.   Slowly scatter cereal over the papaya-bowl until half is filled.
3.   Add splash of milk, yoghurt up to the brim of the “bowl” then top with more cereal. Done!

*I found that muesli works better for this since it doesn’t get soggy so quickly.
Also, if you halved the papaya in the sink, scraped seeds out over a bin, and didn’t make a mess you technically only need to wash a knife and a spoon. Sometimes I really am THAT desperate to get out of washing things. Sometimes.





3 thoughts on “Cereal Bowls

  1. Your photos of this are so pretty. I love the earth’s color against the pontoons! I’m not a big papaya fan, but I suppose filling a halve with cereal and yogurt can change that.

    P.S. I pinned this!

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