Lost Count

of what happened between the 9 weeks since I was a Scaredy Cat and yet I’m back in the same place on the same chair…it feels like a time loop. Where have I been (besides stuffing my face with peanut butter cheesecake mmm.)


36 hours were spent crossing borders. Was in London for 12, then arrived in Cologne. (I’d really wanted to go over Christmas but quite soon realised the Christmas markets were a big part of the reason why… boo.) Which is why we proceeded to…


…have mussels in Brussels (yes the rhyming was deliberate).


“Life is for surprise kisses, full moon swims, and Dandoy biscuits”. And yummy Belgian waffles, frites with mushroom sauce and good Belgium beer. And a collection of memories from downing a bottle of wine in 5 minutes, dancing and singing in public (I pity those who heard me). 

IMG_0377In February I checked off quite a few to-dos. Made every single thing on the plate above (other than the fried egg. I had help with the fried egg. Eggs have, ironically, never been my strong point). Duck burger recipe from the gorgeous, she-has-it-all Mimi Thorisson.


Improvised late night meringues made with leftover eggwhite, with a dash of vanilla extract, rosewater, and the use of a grill for those who couldn’t wait to put a mouthful of sugar into their mouths (me me pick me).


(I always, always, always worry about this tiramisu cake not setting…)


Mum asked me whether I’ve been eating well. I’ve eaten month-old Chinese New Year Turnip cake (it was in the freezer). I haven’t been eating as healthily as when I was back in London, but there have been good days.


The vast amount of credit given for the siew yoke below doesn’t go to me, and I very happily sat and stuffed my cheeks with it. There was a debate over whether roast pork belly had to be cut at a precise regular shape. Whether this was better. A lot of what I perceive as good depends heavily on the memories a particular edible can revoke. This was made the way I’ve tasted siew yoke at home from all the way since I was a child. This was what I chose.



There’s the danger of stuffing an iCal with so many blocks of a day that I lose sight of what I should really be focusing on because every task and commitment is just a mad rush with a constant worry at the back of my mind about what I should be doing next. It’s a vicious cycle of unnecessary stress and while it’s good to have something to look forward to doesn’t mean the present should be relegated. Especially when the present is a pocketful of giggles and sunshine.


Saying that, however, one should always, always look forward to dessert.



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