Frankly, this wouldn’t affect anyone. If there is a regular avid reader out there please let me know? Because this is a reminder to impose a fullstop pause. And I’m just reflecting. For myself.


Mentor once told me back in November that this year should be a year to discover new things. And I’ve taken all his advice quite literally – done things that are completely law-unrelated, stopped stressing about how to make my CV look attractive, actually following my sense of taste / smell / my heart to do something I could and wanted to do.




In case it wasn’t more obvious, an escalated version of what I liked doing all alongBut then things got a bit out of hand.


I don’t really believe in such thing as being able to do “whatever you want”. I don’t know whether it’s a sign of a weak character, or too much of a conscience to care about the opinions of people that matter in life. But reality is, in someway or another, there will always be a restriction to what you can and cannot do. There will always be a time for something other than what you really want to do. You will want to do things most at the least appropriate time. You will have a locus you are expected to follow and once you derail …


It’s not just about people. School, exams, and later on a job, family… these viewed as more important things in life. Or maybe at the end of the day, it’s just me that’s the problem.


I’ve had a good time. It’s been satisfying, fulfilling. Obviously there have been days where cake flopped, careless mistakes at misreading 25g for 250g, frustration at an oven that is too small / has fluctuating temperatures, learning that “happiness is when you overcome the most impossible challenge”. I find that again and again in each successful attempt at a new idea and a new recipe.


The above is a collection of experiments these few months. Just a few. I won’t be gone for long I know. Headstrong, stubborn, typical Taurean. But I guess for now I’ll still need to submit to circumstances. In Chinese there’s a phrase which translates as “put away the oven” (收爐) and I guess that’s literally what I’m doing.


So here’s my final piece for a while. I finally mastered the chiffon cake and paired it with Hong Kong Style Milk Tea buttercream. And Happy Birthday in advance, M.



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