Happy Birthday Dad!!!

I’ve had more than one memory of going along to department stores holding my mum’s hand and helping pick out ties for my dad. And from what I remember he does have some ridiculous ones – prints of dolphins and monkeys and bananas and whatnot. So as I was racking my brains as to how to decorate his birthday cake this year (didn’t think baby pink and blue roses seemed manly enough) it occured to me it was only fitting to give him yet another tie for his birthday.

Except. My mum actually bought him a tie again this year.

There will be no other man in the world I can respect more and be proud of than my father – his love for my mother, his caring heart, his generosity, his hearty laugh and the stories of his infamous bor lor bau. Through him I have been shown how to live life. And I cannot wait for the day when I can stop being a dependant little brat, stop taking and start giving, the way my dad has done even before I was born.

Happy Birthday Dad.


we are so busy growing up
we forget that our parents are growing old


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