…and it’s February. Finally done with all exams for the 1st Semester. Not used to having nothing to complain about. New found freedom.

IMG_5599     IMG_5582

But it didn’t mean that I couldn’t fit in a trip to Bangkok before the last assessment…have been needing this R&R since September last year. Escape. Momentarily having nothing to worry about except where to buy postcards in Bangkok (which turned out to be quite a mission to find one.)


“Hainanese Chicken Rice!” Not sure why I had a craving for this the minute we landed in BKK. And since I was the baby of the group (being only 3 months younger than the second youngest…) I got my way. Also quite glad we didn’t get violently sick from eating at a semi-street food place. Thank you for putting up me.


This made me sad. And the fact that you would have to pay to set a bird free. Surely if I did that it would just create a vicious cycle because these mean people would keep catching birds to play on other people’s sympathy.


IMG_5261      IMG_5283


One of my biggest achievements (not that I have many to choose from) on this trip – I cycled around Bangkok for four hours and survived! I did crash into a wall. And a scooter. But otherwise I managed to come home in one piece. Milestone Date. For the record, the last time I rode a bike I actually crashed into a parked car and fell off. And it was just around Regent’s Park as well. Thank you C, for carrying my camera around in your backpack for me whilst we were cycling.


Oh I love my special (‘special’) friends. Especially the moment where a certain someone put conditioner on her legs thinking it was moisturiser.


Somboon and their famous fried curry crab. But not before being taken on an unnecessary detour by a clueless taxi driver. “Was it a fraudulent mistake?” We were taken to a fake “Somboon seafood village” which was about 30 minutes away, as opposed to the 3 minutes or so that we thought. The taxi driver was pretty much a teenager who did not even know where Hong Kong was and could not speak a word of English. We – or rather M – had our fun reading Thai off our travel book with an accent so atrocious that he could not understand us.

gaggan1  gaggan2

Gaggan. Indian molecular gastronomy inspired by Heston Blumenthal. One of the most interesting meals I’ve had, and most accommodating too. I have a coconut intolerance, and M is merely a picky eater who does not eat about a trillion things. And they still patiently substituted numerous courses on our tasting menu.
P.S. I’m not always a fan of mousse but dessert was amazing.


I discovered how much a new place can remind you of based on your past experiences. Whilst on the cycling tour we saw different sides of BKK, the markets along back alleys reminded me of Marrakech; the Chao Phraya, a fleeting memory of Venice. I wonder which place will remind me of Bangkok next. I rediscovered the power of prayer through remembering to say grace before meals. Being both aware and grateful for the food on the table, the company we are in, the experiences we are exposed to. And this elephant needs a name.

safe & sound


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