Red Rubies

Pomegranate arils were once described to me as “little rubies”; such a beautifully poetic metaphor for this delicate yet vibrantly coloured fruit.


Its the end of 2012 and my thoughts are pouring out in a jumble as I am trying to clear my head for a new start of a year.

It’s been miraculous how many things have worked out nicely for me this year and is a further reinforcement that there is a greater power up there – in my case, God – to arrange everything for me. Of course I know that I have to do my share, and throughout this year I have worked for things (albeit not hard enough). But as long as I tried to do as much as I can the rest is left to faith in Him.


Looking back on the changes in my life and in myself for the past twelve months – comparatively less emotional, better at containing outbursts, eliminating, becoming more accepting, identifying principles, staying strong to my beliefs, not overreacting. Learning a lot about myself and achieving things which under certain circumstances I would never dare to try or would never thought to be a possibility.

It’s not been an easy year. It’s not been an easy past half year. Have been tempted to fail to take into account the bigger picture, and just give up on certain things because of relatively smaller causes. But I’ve stomached all most jolts of free fall that one gets whilst a car speeds over a bump, or when a roller coaster plunges from a spur on its track. I’m glad I’ve clenched my teeth and clung on to the edge of the cliff when it was difficult. I’m glad I also figured out when to stop being stubborn for a change. It takes a lot for me to be patient. It takes a big heart to truly forgive.


I was told that I have seemed to have cheered up considerably over this month. And I have. And I am happy. Happy with what life has had to offer me up until now.

The things to look forward to next year. There are so many inspirations, ideas, dreams in my head. Some merely a whim. Some more imminent, more closer to home. Some too far to even expect to be possible. One of many possibilities was brought about by Cassy and Dan, the lovely owners of Awakening Cafe, and this Chocolate and Pomegranate Tart. (I’ll elaborate on this in due cause.) But first we shall see what more surprises are in store for me next year, how I’ll structure my ideas into plans, and how dreams will unfold.


New Year’s Resolution? I think it’s quite simple this year. Just two words.
Be Happy.

And how?

By remembering the blessings we were given on Speech Day back in Upper Sixth:

May God grant you the courage to change what you can
The serenity to accept what cannot be done
And the wisdom to know the difference.

Head (and standards) held high for 2013.


(I made this while I was supposed to be studying for an exam which was scheduled for three days later. In an attempt to stop myself from procrastinating by baking I painted my nails so that I would not be able to use my fingers to cook. Yet I got round the obstacle I lay myself by making a tart with digestives and granola as the base so I would not be kneading any dough. Desperate measures.)

occasionally it still holds true that ignorance is bliss


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