7. Cinnamon & Pumpkin

My first memory of pumpkin soup is from when I was in Australia. My mum and dad used to take me to an All You Can Eat place in Rosehill (fragmented memories of a 6 year old), and every time, I would make a beeline for the pumpkin soup. I loved the buttery taste of the soup. Back then I probably didn’t even know what an actual pumpkin looked like.

By the way, I finally joined the gym. And I am happy. Everything boils down to habit – and for me the habit of eating healthily ties in hand in hand with an attempt to gym religiously. Not happy with the way some of my clothes are too snug for my liking. Warm soup like this reminds me yet again of Netley, when I’d get home from the gym and reheat New Covent Garden Soup out of its carton, and that would be dinner. Are you tired of me making continual references to this place yet?


Food prep from over the weekend….nothing left except a few cherry tomatoes left in the tupperware looking sorry for themselves, and the marinated artichokes.

photo 4

The Flavour Thesaurus Project
7. Cinnamon & Pumpkin

“Sweeter than a basket of kittens sharing a lollipop” – exact quote. Hmm…

The Soup: half a chicken stock cube, 150ml plus boiling water, flesh from a quarter of a pumpkin (steamed for 20 minutes or so), half a cinnamon stick, 3 tablespoons of milk, black pepper, two drops of tabasco. And many taste tests in between.

post – its


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