Teakha Tales #4

Woke up to smelling humidity and grey skies.

It’s way too early for Christmas. To me it’s always too early. Waking up to pictures of a million Christmas feasts and Santa hats does not make me dance for joy. Those who know me well will know my sentiments – “sentiments” – for Christmas. But at least this year I can rest assured it will be uneventful. Cue things that make me want to throw things across classrooms.

Teakha’s Christmas special: Turkey ham with sweet potato latkes, roselle jam and a fried egg on top.

I’ll tell you what was going through my mind when I ate this. The egg reminded me of Netley, of when BD made an amazing cheese omelette for me, and how eggs always seem to run out no matter how many we buy, along with the milk. Sweet potato latkes reminded me of a sweet potato I ate when I was young, with sour cream and cinnamon sprinkled on top. The turkey ham and roselle jam I assume was a replication of the turkey breast and cranberry sauce in every Christmas meal possible, and in particular “Christmas sandwiches” that spring up every December in the Prets, Starbucks and Cafe Neros of the world.

photo 3Teakha’s Christmas bundt cake.

This was so yummy. Bits of candied ginger, cranberry, raisins, walnuts, cinnamon, spices, and a bit of icing. This really tasted like Christmas.

(Has anyone else seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Remember the scene where the Greek mother did not know what a bundt was and ended up putting a pot plant in the middle to fill up the “hole” in the cake?)

photo 1

Okay I was just doing a Malvolio earlier. Christmas isn’t too bad. Christmas is good. There are many happy things that can be said about Christmas. Just a personal dejection for past happenings on this particular festivity. There are poinsettias, holly, (oh forget about the mistletoe), Christmas wreaths…Christmas Markets…and of course did just almost forgot about edibles that define Christmas.

Mince pies with warm vanilla custard. Turkey. Cranberry Sauce. Sweet potato mash. Thyme. Gingerbread. Eggnog. Peppermint Candy Canes. Brussel Sprouts. Crackling. Hot mulled wine. Churros drowned in cinnamon sugar. Hot chocolate with a shot of Baileys.

photo 5

I’ve never spent a Christmas away from home. But for at least the past five years after church with my parents I’d always be rushing off somewhere, or wanting to / feeling like I’d have to see someone or do something. This year I know exactly what I’m doing. Staying put at home, not getting drunk, anchored.

Who said uneventful was bad.

eeyores of the world flock together


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