Teakha Tales #2

I made Tiramisu Cupcakes to bring to Teakha today. I properly met Nana Chan, the owner of this lovely place last week, and I boldly asked her for the opportunity to help out at Teakha.

She told me to bake something for her to sample.

That was when I realised – I don’t really have any “signature” dish. I rarely make things more than once because I like experimenting. Curiosity kills the cat. One thing that I do make more than once however, is tiramisu, the fail-safe recipe being the first I penned into my moleskine Recipe Journal. But tiramisu can get very messy.

Adapted from a Tiramisu Cupcake recipe from Cake Days. I crossed my fingers and hoped it would work.

And eeek. Perhaps it did. Because I will be working at Teakha next year (when my schedule frees up)! A smile from a person who’s tasted what a baker made is the best present in return. Maybe someday my baking will end up on Teakha’s plates. #aspirations

Focusing on littlest things you come across in life that make you smile at the moment.

Restoration of faith in humankind. I had forgotten to buy double cream for the frosting that morning. In annoyance I threw on a hoodie, grabbed my purse and headed up to the supermarket nearby, wanting to be home as soon as possible as I was supposed to be at lunch soon. About 2 hours later, I was about to head out, and it was then I discovered I could not find my purse anywhere. I cannot describe the panic I was in.

It turned out that I had dropped it outside the supermarket, and a kindhearted person had given it in to the cashier. Thank you, kindhearted person, thank you.


Later today:

I got home and did this to the leftover ingredients from the cupcakes. Not my traditional tiramisu recipe, but a tiramisu-wannabe nonetheless.

9pm. I think it’s high time I started my homework for tomorrow.

recover something you lose and you’ll never let go again


2 thoughts on “Teakha Tales #2

  1. I stumbled upon your instagram in May when I was in Bath. I found your photo under the geotag “The Circus”. It’s going to sound really odd but I believe we used to study at the same school and that I was a student of your mother. Just wanted to tell you that your blog is wonderful. I can never cook. It impresses me every time I see photos of your dishes.

    I’ve always wanted to have tea at Teakha. The Tai Ping Shan Street area has become so chic. Hope I could try your pastries soon. 🙂

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