Teakha Tales

Chai is a mixture of spices that makes your throat feeling slightly hot, and leaves a lingering aftertaste on the roof of your mouth. Chai tea is another thing I miss.

I remember on my way home from class last year, I would detour to AMT in Euston Station and get a chai steamer. Fondness of that drink was shared by quite a few of us.

And then I found the 50 teabags packaging for Twinnings Chai Tea. I think for the rest of my last two months in the UK that was all I drank, dyeing the insides of all my mugs (and my stomach) with tea stains.

The Masala Chai at Teakha was nothing like the frothy chai steamer that got me through the freezing cold evenings. The slight bitterness of it was more similar to Hong Kong Style milk tea. But as I had yet to find a satisfactory chai drink in Hong Kong this was perfect.

Green Tea Cheesecake and my love for wooden plates (and spoons and forks and trays and anything wooden).

My first time I was at Teakha was in August, after a yoga session at Pure. It was the week before restart of reality, the week marking the close of summer and my reminder to get my life (and myself) back into shape.

French Toast with banana chips and berries

My first time at I was at Teakha I was armed with my iPad (first ever version, it weighs heavier than a MacBook Air) and was looking through osso buco recipes.

My first time at Teakha I went flat-hunting afterwards, and found the amazing little place – walking distance from here – I have now.

Teakha can be found on 18 Tai Ping Shan Road, Sheung Wan.

tripping instead of walking down memory lane.


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