“smile more”

[ 謝謝你的提點 ]

A brunch which shifted to lunch which then, due to incompetence of parking on one participant’s behalf, turned into afternoon tea. (jokes…maybe.)

“I can’t be bothered to pick. English breakfast with everything!”


Everyone has their own way of getting round to places which are familiar to them. The way I get to Brick Lane in London is to take the tube to Liverpool Street, walk down one certain less-taken path, past Spitalfields. Then a visit to the shop with two cinema chairs. What do I end up with? Food, a must – brownies or lemon tarts of some kind. Flowers in my hair. A handbag made from a scarf.


原來大家也有夢。大家也是不斷地為將來打算。可惜我還是比較惘然。Thank you for doses of common sense.

Something about runny poached eggs and mouthful after mouthful of sin and indulgence. Counted the ways one could make an egg – poached (hands down my favourite), scrambled, sunny side up, soft boiled, hard boiled, steamed, onsen tamago. 

Any other ways?

Dear Bricklane, this is not a Victoria Sponge. Victoria Sponges do not have icing on top. In fact, they do not have icing at all. It’s strawberry jam and cream which should go in the middle, and as pretty as the cocoa powder ribbon is on top it should be icing sugar instead.

I guess I’m just particular.

Not that this was terrible, and it reminded me of Strawberry Pocky I used to eat as a kid.

Bricklane can be found on 2 Blenheim Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

It’s a blessing for one to be loved.


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