The Flavour Thesaurus Project

My belongings from London were all shipped back two weeks ago, (give me another three hours to go through half a box of tissue and lament about how much I miss London) and I felt like a child with Christmas come early as I went through each of the four boxes discovering things I almost forgot I had. Also discovering things that I ought to have thrown away.

And among the array of clothes, dresses, winter coats, stationery, crockery, cutlery, books and a few stuffed toys (don’t judge), I retrieved The Flavour Thesaurus. I bought this at the end of my second year at Uni when I was supposed to be holiday shopping for Malta. I picked it up in the good old Waterstones on Oxford Street, opened it and the page fell at “beef & coffee”. I closed it, put it down, and turned. And turned back round, picked it back up, and proceeded to the cashier, my arms caning with the amount of shopping in my [insert number you feel fit] shopping bags.

99 flavours, 4851 pairings. This is a slightly crazy project I am committing myself to. This means I’ll be cooking 200 less than 5000 dishes. I daren’t give myself an estimate to the timeframe. I must admit I fail to have the courage of Julie in her The Julie / Julia Project; 365 days is over ambitious.

I’ll start with truffle & egg. Truffle shavings, from Borough Market. Immersed a few (maybe a bit more than a few) into beaten two eggs for about an hour to let the flavour infuse, then made eggs scrambled in butter.

Now, just about 4850 pairings left to go.

more than I thought could exist


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