Ren Qi

It’s not been easy settling down again in Hong Kong. Different environment, different lifestyle, different people.

And a new flat. Reminded once again to count my blessings.

I invited my classmates over last Friday afternoon for a housewarming party. A literal translation of the Chinese characters 人氣 (ren qi) is “breath of people”. It’s been over a month since I moved in, and I reckoned that after a whole month it was time to bring in some liveliness into this quiet, humble abode of mine. It’s also hard to believe we’ve survived over a month of 6 day weeks, endless assignments and having to suit up for class. Thank you for all the lovely gifts you all got for me! (See the pig-shaped chopping board above.)

Recycling ideas. See here.

My first batch of Red Velvet cupcakes. Mum got me an oven for my new flat. A kitchen without an oven is just..not a kitchen at all. Still getting the hang of adapting to controlling the temperatures / timing for this new mini oven though.

I’ve been wanting to try the buckeyes recipe from Smitten Kitchen for oh, it’s actually been a two years now. Better late than never! In summary, my adaptation: peanut butter, cream cheese, Ritz crackers, sugar blended together then dipped in dark chocolate and frozen. I spent the next day eating about 10 in one go.

And my pièce de résistance, so to speak…I am so happy how these turned out! Also extremely flattered by the fact that for once food that I made was being photographed, a change from me photographing food and checking the box for typical Asian behaviour, (though evidently I did my share of taking pictures in advance!)

Recipe below, and thank you again to all of you for coming, bringing laughter, noise, and a confused game of Monopoly Deal to what would otherwise be another uneventful Friday afternoon.

Lemon Jelly Slices

  • Halve around 6 lemons. Remember to cut them across the long way. Squeezing the juice out of the halves first would make scooping the flesh out easier (I kept the lemon juice for making lemonade.)
  • To get rid of the insides of the lemon, make a small cut along the pith, and try to peel away the whole of the “membrane”. If that fails use a tablespoon to help scrape away the flecks of pulp. Put the lemon halves on a tray (or muffin tin) to steady them.
  • Dissolve the jelly according to the instructions of the packaging (of course I used instant jelly sachets and did not make it from scratch). I was going to attempt to make vodka jello shots but I didn’t put enough vodka in…the proportion I used was 1/2 cup of vodka instead of the cold water for dissolving the powder.
  • Pour the jelly mixture slowly into each of the 12 halves, and refridgerate for a couple of hours.
  • Make sure the jelly has set properly before cutting the halves into slices. To do this, use a sharp knife with a smooth blade. Making a small cut at each end of the halves before drawing the knife slowly across helps to keep the jelly intact.



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