…for the place I’ve called a home for five years. Didn’t know I’d miss it this much.

Nostalgia is evil. It eats you up from inside. It brings you back to memories from the past. And it reminds you that those are moments you will never catch between your fingers again.

It was last week when this desperate pining for life in London properly kicked in. Hong Kong partially sucks so far (no attempt at a more eloquent description). This pining sparked a spontaneous decision to Limehouse, one of the places singled out for good British food in Hong Kong.

Let’s face it – I’ve never been head over heels for British food. These aren’t even items that I would make a beeline for in London. See what nostalgia does to you. It makes you act out of the ordinary.

And each of these items bring up a past memory.

Welsh Rarebit. For sake of decoding two words that do not provide an explanation of what exactly the dish is composed of, Welsh Rarebit is a melted cheese sauce traditionally poured over bread. In this case it was stilton and walnut, and I loved how the nutty taste complimented the initial overpowering stilton at the end of each bite.

And this reminds me of one place, and one person.

The place – Fortnum and Mason does really good welsh rarebit for tea. It’s also in its recipe book, and I’ve been meaning to try it out for a while. Another thing on my ever-expanding to do list. 

The person – a Mr JI, one of my four other flatmates and one of the two crazy guys I see sitting in his wifebeater at the dining table at least once every two days if not every waking moment, with his architecture mess spread over the table and on the carpet. If I remember correctly (I hope I did! I’ll get him to verify) his favourite burger from Ed’s Diner is Welsh Rarebit. 

“Petite” Fish and Chips – hardly petite. The surprising thing is, although they say this is symbolic of British food, the best fish and chips I’ve had was in Australia, when I was about 6 or 7 years old. It’s “best” because it’s the one of the very few childhood memories, and I was obsessed with the tartar sauce sachets that you fold and it splits in the middle to squeeze out the contents. When people go to Brighton in the UK they get fish and chips at the pier. Another place I’ve been meaning to revisit and never managed to. 

In boarding school I went through two phases. A) cutting out all carbs to avoid unintentional hurting comments regarding the weight I put on, and b)  not eating meat they served at boarding school because I didn’t know where it came from. So when it was Shepherd’s Pie evening that either meant I’d be a) scooping off the potato topping or b) eating the potato. Oh or c) not eating.

I never knew the casing of sausages was made of pig’s intestines until three years ago when one of my classmates in boarding school told me; her family made their own sausages. And every time I eat cumberland sausages I’m reminded of her. But this is Not Exactly Bangers and Mash because the casing of the sausages are made of caul fat instead of pig’s intestines. Caul fat – stomach lining of cows or pigs (yep I googled that.)

And one more reason why I picked this blog up (again) after abandoning it for an extended length of time (again)? A Miss MC who is Asian / takes food pics / I promised to document my trip to Limehouse / whatsapped me today asking for the photos.

You have to depend on yourself to get over yourself.


One thought on “Homesick…

  1. i love how quickly and coherently you spun this with the strings of thoughts inside your head. next time you experience another bout of homesickness take me with you hee >)

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