The World Is Your Oyster

At least that’s what my father always tells me.

Doppio Zero – The Pemberton  22-26 Bonham Strand

Pork Loin with a lychee salad…why does a whole chunk of fat always taste so good?
P.S. I loved the pattern on the plate.

Had to stop mid sentence once I put the bite of steak smothered in bone marrow in my mouth and swoon…

And as above…a truffle fried oyster. First experience: 7 years old, eating one raw, spat it out in disgust. 10+ years later, can shuck them, love them in any form, best one perhaps eaten in Barcelona or Croatia so far.

Things that currently annoy me
having to over-edit photos • non-existent replies • ambiguity • Inbox (1)
the rain • the rain • the rain


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