– an uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution.

Don’t you just hate that feeling. When you just sit around, absolutely helpless, with each and every plan, with your life just put on hold.

Say hello to this hidden gem – ABC Kitchen. Situated in one of the “Cooked Food Markets” in Hong Kong –  above the wet market, selling fish, raw slabs of meat, fresh vegetables – they serve the opposite to the norm of Chinese noodles, congee etc.

Yes, the fluorescent lightbox is the only sign of this “restaurant”, where the kitchen is merely a stall, with folding tables and chairs set up in the area it faces out


In every picture I’ve seen of ABC the banner with “Stella Artois $28”, this being typical of “dai pai dong”s, i.e. cooked food markets in Hong Kong. Opted for Sangria instead…drinks are always dangerous when you can’t taste the alcohol.

And an Italian flag prominent, but up til now I still cannot fathom what cuisine to categorise their dishes. Definitely not Italian. But Spanish? The sangria screamed español. French? See foie gras below.  Fusion – the generic term for a bit of everything? I reckon they got confused instead.

Foie gras with apple sauce and brioche. Nom nom nom.

Crispty sweetbreads – was really surprised to find this place serving sweetbreads. This wasn’t spectacular though (best sweetbreads I had was at Roux at the Landau, London. Ohh take me back please).

Lamb Shank enough to feed a family

Suckling Pig – my favourite dish of the evening. The crispy skin, the layer of fat between the pork and the skin that melted in my mouth….


Two more things: I didn’t expect there to be tablecloths in “dai pai dong”s; tables normally would be covered in a plastic sheet so they wouldn’t have to wipe them down. (Sounds appealing I know.) And one thing I really appreciate – warm bread.

And whilst we were eating someone else was mincing Chinese onion and pork to make dumplings for another food stall on a random table incidentally set up amongst the diners.

Only in Hong Kong.

ABC Kitchen can be found here.



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