Long Overdue

Who starts a blog, writes three posts then abandons it? Me.

Although I do have reasons to justify it…I was on holiday for ten days, then a crazy crazy month of dedicating my life to the Central district of Hong Kong. With every intention, whenever I dragged my laptop onto my lap propped up against the pillows in bed, to update this with escapades in Morocco, Amsterdam, Croatia, and back in the 852….

Okay I was just lazy.

Moving on, one thing that I have missed about home after a whirlwind of travels is family yum cha time (yum cha literally meaning ‘drink tea’ as we call it in Cantonese). One thing I don’t understand about this business of going for dim sum, is that egg tarts always arrive first. Aren’t egg tarts supposed to be sweet? Thus part of dessert? Thus having to come at the end of your meal? But no. They have to arrive straight at the beginning, when they’re all warm and wafting the custardy aroma and it’s just a waste to not gobble them up in one bite. Which of course is what I did.

Chicken Feet in Ginger Salt. Or, as the wonderful euphemistic language of Cantonese would translate, “Phoenix Claws”. Not everyone I know, especially if you didn’t grow up eating this delicacy would be accepting of picking off the skin of chicken’s feet. But this is one of my favourite dim sum.

Rice Roll with scallop

Rice Roll with Scallop. Otherwise known as “Cheung Fun”

It was close to the Dragon Boat Festival on the occasion I went for dim sum with my parents so we ordered a Rice Dumpling. Actually I can eat rice dumplings any time of year…there’s just something about the glutinous rice with a pork belly (with a massive chunk of fat), Chinese mushrooms and a salty egg yolk, dipped in a mixture of sugar and soy sauce (I do have weird eating habits).

And the best dim sum that day I would say. Steamed Crystal Dumpling with a Mushroom and Truffle filling. Nommmm.

Feels good to be home. To be with family.

Just waiting for the chance to be able to stop holding my breath.


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